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Back to School Bash: Spirit of Giving Network provides school supplies to thousands of needy children

spirit of givingWith Labor Day approaching and children about to return to school, now is a good time to point out some of the good work being done by charities to ensure that everyone is ready learn.
spirit of giving networkOn Saturday, Care To Click dropped in on the Community Back To School Bash in Delray Beach, Florida, where nearly 3,000 needy families received just about any kind of school supply imaginable in preparation for the fall semester.
Spirit of giving networkThe Delray Beach giveaway was one of six Community Back To School Bashes to be held in Palm Beach County. It was managed by the Spirit of Giving Network, which did an unbelievable job of rounding up supplies for the event.
Everything from clothes to shoes to school supplies filled an entire gymnasium at Village Academy school. There was a big box of calculators for the children. They could pick from numerous kinds of notebooks, pencils and pencil sharpeners.
Youngsters could even get free eye exams and haircuts.
Hundreds of volunteers representing more than 50 different organizations helped throughout the day with distribution, and that doesn't include all the people who picked up supplies and helped stage the event.
“Our goal is to make sure the non-profits within our community are combining their efforts, creating synergy,” Spirit of Giving spokesperson Sara Ritzler said.
Care To Click salutes the Spirit of Giving Network and the Community Back To School Bash. Education is the key to pulling families out of poverty. Groups like these are working hard to improve the lives of people in their community.
In the coming weeks there will be hundreds of these types of events across the county. Care To Click encourages our members to find one where you live and see how you can help.
Also, don't forget to visit the Care To Click Education page, where you can donate a free click or print useful coupons. At CareToClick.com your small actions prompt our donations to organizations aiding with the education of our children.
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