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Martinez Foundation: Former Seattle DH Edgar Martinez helping minority students become teachers

The skill with which Edgar Martinez wielded his baseball bat endeared him to Seattle Mariner fans. Now his post-baseball career may have an even bigger impact on the city because of the work being done by The Martinez Foundation.

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Cursive Handwriting: Education requirements favor typing skills

Typing skills are replacing cursive handwriting in education requirements, which means that if you want your children to be able to read cursive handwriting you may have to teach them yourself.

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March Madness: Site renders busted NCAA Tournament Bracket useful through charity betting

Does the fact that your NCAA tournament bracket is in shambles have you looking for another way to participate in March Madness? Charity betting may be the answer.

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Education: American Indian College Fund helping solve Native American education issues

Anyone looking for a way to help solve some of the Native American education issues that face our country's original inhabitants should take a look at the American Indian College Fund.

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Childhood obesity: New school nutrition guidelines include school snack regulations

In an effort to reduce childhood obesity, the U.S. government issued new school nutrition guidelines for children who eat school lunches or purchase a school snack on campus.

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Funding for Education: Monsanto Fund to provide school educators grants for math and science

School educators looking to increase their funding for education, particularly math and science, may benefit from the Monsanto Fund's intention of dispersing $2.3 million in educational grants.

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Grade School Grades: Research into education explains why girls do better

Researchers into education from the University of Georgia and Columbia University think they have determined why girls get better grade school grades than boys.

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Reading to dogs: New program teaches reading by having children read aloud to pets

Washington libraries are taking a new approach to teaching reading by having children read books aloud. But instead of reading to other children they are reading to dogs. The children don't experience the same insecurities reading to dogs and the dogs seem to enjoy the attention.

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IQ scores: Study challenges relationship between intelligence and IQ

For years the American educational system has been using IQ scores as a way of measuring smarts, but a new study challenges the relationship between intelligence and IQ. Along with questioning the merits of IQ scores, the study also provided some other insights into intelligence.

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2012 Caldecott Winner, “A Ball for Daisy” by Chris Raschka

The Caldecott Medal, presented annually by the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), “honors the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children.” ALSC keeps a record of all Caldecott Medal winners and honorable mentions on their website, from 1938 – present. This year’s medal has been awarded to “A Ball for Daisy” written and illustrated by Chris Raschka. The sweet and triumphant story is told entirely through the adorable illustrations of the author/illustrator.

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