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Washington Mudslide: Organizations big and small coming together to help victims

Washington MudslideIt's been more than two weeks since a Washington mudslide turned life in the small town of Oso into chaos and despair.
Another body was recovered on Tuesday, bringing the death toll to 34. More than a square mile of the town essentially disappeared when the side of a hill came rushing down, burying houses, cars and people.
As expected, charitable organizations jumped into action to try to help the survivors and those who lost loved ones. Some of those organizations are the ones who always seem to be working at the front line of disaster areas. Care To Click members who wish to donate to the relief effort can always turn to the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and the United Way.
There are also dozens of smaller organizations headquarted in Washington that are making a difference, and The Herald of Everett, Washington did a fantastic job highlighting some of those options.
Ornganizations involved in recovery efforts:

  • The Cascade Valley Hospital treated some of the injured. Its foundation is accepting donations that will go directly to those affected. Monetary donations can be made at http://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/-cascade-valley-hospital-foundation-disaster-fund-/154422 or by phone at 360-435-2133, ext. 7805. They are closing in on a goal of $300,000 raised.

  •  The Greater Everett Community Foundation has an emergency fund geared toward the long term - helping people rebuild. It covers some broad categories, including displaced families, animals, environmental concerns and community cleanup. Visit www.greatereverettcf.org.

  •  If you'd rather donate time and sweat, the Oso Mudslide Relief Community Collection Center is looking for help taking inventory of and moving donated items. They are also looking for people willing to offer temporary housing for victims of the slide.

The Herald story also provides a list of businesses and upcoming events that are working to raise funds for victims. If you happen to live in the area affected by the mudslide, we encourage you to take a moment to see whether one of these events or businesses offers an attractive way to help.
Care To Click works to help disaster victims around the globe. Visitors to our website can aid our effort by heading to the Care To Click Disaster page and donating a free click or printing useful coupons. At CareToClick.com, your small actions prompt our donations to disaster relief organizations.
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