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Philippines Typhoon: Philippines news isn't good, here's how to help

philippines newsAs the death toll on the Philippines news continues to rise and the level of destruction from the latest Philippines typhoon is only starting to be measured, people across the globe are wondering how they can help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.
Possibly the most powerful storm on record, Typhoon Haiyan blasted across the Philippine islands late last week, leaving the Philippines looking like it had been struck by an atomic bomb. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of good news in the Phillipines.
In some places the destruction is complete. Many of the dead are being buried in mass graves. The survivors are without food, water or shelter.
Many governments and non-government organizations are doing their best to get relief supplies to the Typhoon Haiyan victims, but the destroyed infrastructure is slowing that effort to a crawl.
Still, there are plenty of groups working day and night to help the victims of the Philippines typhoon.
As always, organizations like the Red Cross and UNICEF are among the groups on the front lines.
For those who want their contributions to have a religious tilt, Catholic Relief Services, which is the official humanitarian wing of the Catholic Church, is working to get clean water to the victims. The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee is working with the Philippine authorities to provide necessities.
Philippines news services have been reporting on disasters all too frequently. Not long before the Philippines Typhoon made landfall, a strong earthquake hit the islands.
The one positive from the earthquake was that several relief organizations were already in the Philippines. World Food Programme was one such organization. They were providing emergency nutrition for victims of the earthquake and will continue to do so for victims of the Philippines Typhoon.
Likewise, ShelterBox had been providing tents and essential equipment for victims of the earthquake and is already in place to help those who lost their homes in the typhoon.
Americares, International Medical Corps and Direct Relief are among the groups sending medical relief. ChildFund International is sending emergency kits and hopes to create child safe zones.
The Philippines news is devastating, no way around it. Those who want to help have many avenues to pursue. Pick one (or more than one) and do your part.
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