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Helping Nepal: Here are some quality organizations providing disaster relief following Nepal earthquake

Nepal dominated the news of the weekend after a major earthquake, and far too many aftershocks, rocked the small, impoverished country.
Videos showing the shaking can be found all over the internet. The Mount Everest avalanche video to the right shows an avalanche rolling down the world's largest mountain toward base camp. We chose this one because the language is clean, but there are plenty more on the web.
The irony of this video is that it shows the power of nature from a safe distance in a visually appealing manner. The reality in Nepal is death and chaos. More than 4,000 people are now confirmed dead following the largest earthquake to hit Napal in 80 years. That number is sure to grow as rescue workers finally reach some of the more remote villages.
Aid workers are already arriving in the capital city of Kathmandu and many more, along with supplies, are on the way.
Those looking to provide a donation to aid relief efforts should consider these organizations:

  • DirectRelief: Highly rated by Charity Navigator, DirectRelief immediately committed $50,000 for the relief effort and has made its entire inventory of medical supplies available for relief efforts. You can aid their effort.

  • UNICEF: The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund estimates about 1 million children need humanitarian assistance. USA Today reported that UNICEF is preparing two cargo flights loaded with supplies to the region.

  • MercyCorps: This organization is already in Nepal and pledges to bring food, water and shelter to refugees. According to the MercyCorps website, 87% of the donations it receives is spent on programs that provide aid.

  • AmeriCares: There are already AmeriCares teams on the the ground in Nepal attending to the medical needs of the injured. According to its website, AmeriCares can turn every dollar donated into $20 worth of aid.

  • Doctors Without Borders: This group has already sent eight teams to care for the injured. While donations to Doctors Without Borders can't yet be directed to Nepal relief, their website indicates that could happen as soon as they get a more complete understanding of the manpower and supplies needed.

  • International Red Cross: Here is a page where people can list missing family members and try to locate people they think might be missing.

You know the drill people. Pick the way you want to help and donate what you can.
Also, don't forget to visit the Care To Click Disaster page. Your daily donations of free clicks, tweets and Facebook posts all year long prompt our donations to groups providing disaster relief, helping them to be ready when the next disaster strikes.
At CareToClick.com, your small actions aid victims needing disaster relief.
Neoal Earthquake Disaster Relief
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