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EmergencyPetMatcher: Disaster relief effort reunites pets lost during natural disasters with their owners

reunite pets families disasterA new website created by folks at Colorado University called EmergencyPetMatcher.com provides disaster relief by helping families reunite with pets lost during natural disasters.
Pets can offer great comfort in times of need, which is what makes EmergencyPetMatcher.com such a wonderful endeavor.
Researchers began working on the project after learning how many families were split from their pets following the Black Forest fire near Pikes Peak.
The site allows people who have lost pets and those who have found pets to post pictures and information on the site.
Those who have lost pets can comb through the photos of found pets, while those who have found pets can check the list of lost pets. Those that simply want to help can compare photos from the lost pet column with those in the found pet column, creating a sort of match game of goodwill. Once someone thinks they've found a match, that match is put up to a vote by users of the site. When enough people agree via a vote that it is a match, the parties posting the photos are notified to contact each other.
The site is intended only for use during and following disasters and is not yet live. However, a visit to EmergencyPetMatcher.com explains how the system will work.
This is another simple idea that will help provide comfort to people in need. Hopefully there isn't much need for this website, but when disasters do occur it's good to know a site like this exists.
The Care To Click community has always been great about helping organizations providing disaster relief. For those new to our site, be sure to visit the Care To Click Disaster Relief page, where you can donate a click, tweet or Facebook post. And if you are planning on doing some online shopping, please consider the Care To Click online shopping center, where you can compare prices and save money on tens of thousands of items from major retailers, including mattresses, tents and Lenovo laptop computers.
At CareToClick.com, your small actions prompt our donations to organizations providing disaster relief.
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