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Benefit Concert: Boston's on the Beach raises $20,000 for Boston Marathon bombing victims

Last week's benefit concert at Boston's on the Beach benefiting the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing raised more than $20,000, according to published reports.

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Benefit Concert: Boston's on the Beach fundraiser to help victims of Boston Marathon bombing

South Florida residents know that Boston's on the Beach brings a little bit of The Hub to the Sunshine State, so it's not surprising that the Delray Beach bar is about to hold a benefit concert for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

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Beer Advocate: Hanson brew to help Oklahoma tornado victims

Oklahoma tornado victims are about to get a boost from Hanson – the 1990s teen pop-group -turned-beer advocate.

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Natural Disasters: Red Cross providing disaster relief for victims of Oklahoma tornadoes

Natural disasters can strike at any time and events like the Oklahoma tornadoes have left thousands in need of disaster relief.

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Connecticut Charity: Charity investigation being conducted into Sandy Hook organizations

The Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy a couple months ago prompted a lot of charity toward the victims and their families, now the Connecticut Attorney General wants to ensure those donations reached their intended target by launching a Connecticut charity investigation.

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Superstorm Sandy: Stephen Colbert super PAC donates to help Superstorm Sandy victims

Stephen Colbert became the latest celebrity to help Superstorm Sandy victims by announcing during his show, The Colbert Report, that he donated all the remaining money in the Stephen Colbert super PAC to charity.

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Disaster relief: Concert raises $30 mil to help the victims of Superstorm Sandy

Thursday night's 121212 concert may have raised as much as $30 million to help the victims of Superstorm Sandy.

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Superstorm Sandy: Disaster relief efforts aided by disaster music concert

There are seemingly an endless amount of outlets to watch the disaster relief music concert. It will be streamed online at Amctv.com, AOL, BMI.com, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, Clear Channel Outdoor, Cookingchanneltv.com, Crackle, epixHD.com, EW.com, Foxmoviechannel.com, NBA.com, Fuse.tv, Hulu...

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Typhoon Bopha: Disaster relief needed after typhoon storm strikes Phillippines

More than 300 people are dead in the Phillippines after the latest typhoon storm, Typhoon Bopha, swept across the southern portion of the Pacific nation.

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Sports and charity: A's donate playoff share to help charity, Superstorm Sandy

Sports and charity often go hand in hand, but that doesn't make it any less laudable that the Oakland A's decided to devote one full share of their playoff bonus to help the victims of Superstorm Sandy along with seven other charities.

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