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Compassionate Decision: Chick-fil-A opens on Sunday to aid disaster relief

Chick-fil-A restaurants have a policy of being closed on Sundays for religious reasons. Last week, however, some Chick-fil-A restaurants broke that policy for one of the best reasons imaginable - to aid disaster relief efforts.

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Helping Nepal: Here are some quality organizations providing disaster relief following Nepal earthquake

Videos showing the shaking can be found all over the internet. The Mount Everest avalanche video to the right shows an avalanche rolling down the world's largest mountain toward base camp. We chose this one because the language is clean, but there are plenty more on the web.

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EmergencyPetMatcher: Disaster relief effort reunites pets lost during natural disasters with their owners

A new website created by folks at Colorado University called EmergencyPetMatcher.com provides disaster relief by helping families reunite with pets lost during natural disasters.

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Disaster Satellite: Japan looking at disaster planning, relief from space

Japan wants more than a birds-eye-view of natural disasters, it wants the same view astronauts and aliens get. With the launch of a new satellite the Japanese are getting their wish.

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Washington Mudslide: Organizations big and small coming together to help victims

It's been more than two weeks since a Washington mudslide turned life in the small town of Oso into chaos and despair.

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Sexist Storms: Natural Disasters kill more women than men

Natural disasters are far from equal opportunity killers, disproportionally affecting women instead of men.

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Philippines Typhoon: Philippines news isn't good, here's how to help

As the death toll on the Philippines news continues to rise and the level of destruction from the latest Philippines typhoon is only starting to be measured, people across the globe are wondering how they can help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

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Emergency Action Plan: Preparation key to surviving natural disasters

When natural disasters strike the key to coming through with as little inconvenience as possible is preparation, which is why every family should create their own emergency action plan.

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Colorado Flood: Air Force basketball coach donating money for each season ticket sold

Air Force basketball coach Dave Pilipovich is dipping into his own pocket as part of a ticket sales promotion designed to benefit victims of the recent Colorado flood.

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Natural Disasters: How to help Colorado flood victims, those of the massive Colorado fire

With the Colorado flood coming on the heels of the immense Colorado fire, the Centennial State has experienced more than its share of natural disasters this summer.

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