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Red Nose Day: Get a clown nose, have fun to help children

Red Nose Day ShaqWhen we saw a tweeted picture of former NBA star Shaquille O'Neill wearing a red nose (right) we simply had to investigate, which is how we first learned about Red Nose Day.
Now we can't wait until May 21 arrives.
The idea behind Red Nose Day is that comedy and fun can help raise money for children in need. As part of the lead-up to the day Walgreens drug stores are selling red foam clown noses for $1, with the money raised going toward helping children in poverty. Purchasing items from Walgreens has never been more fun.
Red Noses are on sale now (we picked up a few on Monday), and everyone is asked to wear them on Thursday, May 21. The day culminates with a three-hour comedy special on NBC.
Money raised will be donated to Comic Relief, Inc. (which is not the same Comic Relief organization that included Robin Williams, Billie Crystal and Whoopie Goldberg in the 1980s). According to the Red Nose Day website, money pledged during the comedy special, along with the money raised through the sale of red noses, will:

  • Help reduce violence, exploitation and abuse of children.

  • Improve access to education and training for children.

  • Provide access to health care, clean water and nutrition.

Half of the money raised will help children in the United States.
We're looking forward to Red Nose Day. You can bet there will be some pictures circulating of Care To Click community members wearing our red noses.
As a reminder, you don't have to wait until May 21 to help children in need. Your daily visits to the Care To Click Children's page to donate a free click, tweet and Facebook post prompt our donations to organizations working to help needy children.
Oh, and Shaq? Thanks for sticking your nose where it belongs!

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