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No More Octopus for Dinner: Adorable little boy prefers to leave animals "standing and happy".

No more animals on the menu for Luiz AntonioDid you know that chicken nuggets are made from an actual chicken? You did? Well, my son didn't. And it seems he wasn't the only one surprised - and disappointed. Poor little Luiz Antonio made the unsettling discovery that the octopus in his gnocchi came from a living animal.
Watch as he applies this new information to other mealtime staples. The precocious philosopher and future animal rights activist delivers one of the most insightful anti-meat discourses I've ever heard. But, precocious may be an understatement given he's only a toddler.
Make sure to click subtitles. Little Luiz and his mom speak Portuguese.

While I don't want to ruin it for you, I'm sure you've already guessed that Luiz's mother doesn't make him eat the octopus. Looks like he's a potato and rice kinda guy - for tonight, anyway. And a word of caution: ketchup tongue hurts!
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