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Newborns in Need: Bringing warmth to poverty-stricken babies

newborns in need logoEven in the United States, a staggering number of children are born into poverty, which is the reason the work being done by Newborns in Need is laudable.
Newborns in Need is making the biggest impact by providing Newborn Immediate Need Kits to mothers, helping them take care of their child for the first couple weeks of the baby's life. The kit includes blankets, quilts, baby wash, sleepers, diapers, baby wipes and other necessities.
The most intriguing items on that list are the blankets and quilts, which are handmade by volunteers. The blankets and quilts are part of the origin of Newborns in Need.
Back in 1992, Carol Green read a report out of Arizona stating that some babies that died in the area were placed in paper bags for burial. Green told her knitting group about the story and decided to take action in her community. The group started knitting blankets so that the babies could be buried with dignity.
Over the years Green's focus grew to include helping the more than 2,000 babies born each day into poverty survive their early months, bridging the gap between the trip home from the hospital until other social agencies can lend a hand.
Newborns in Need now boasts more than 60 chapters, mostly among America's east coast states. They are looking to expand, so anyone interested in founding a chapter in their area should contact them through their website.
For all of you who knit, maybe your next project could be for a newborn? Simply send a blanket, quilt or afghan to Newborns in Need and they will get it to a child who needs it.
Newborns in Need is currently hosting its annual Sleepers in September drive which aims to collect sleepers and pajamas for newborn babies through 18-month-olds. The organization holds the drive in the ninth month of the year not only because the alliteration is catchy. The sleepers collected in September will be distributed in preparation for the coming cold winter months.
How much of an impact has Newborns in Need made? Last year they distributed more than 500,000 items, helping nearly 45,000 babies. That's huge.
Care To Click encourages anyone in our community that knits or sews to consider a project to be donated to Newborns in Need.
We also remind everyone to be sure to visit the Care To Click Children page to donate a free click or print useful coupons. At CareToClick.com your small actions prompt our donations to organizations helping children's causes.
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