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Still the One: Cancer research to benefit from sale of Bengals jersey

Deven Still Cincinnati jerseyThinking about purchasing an NFL jersey but are choosing not to because of all those players getting into legal trouble? You may want to consider Devon Still's No. 75.
Haven't heard of Still? You're not alone. The rookie out of Penn St. didn't even make the Cincinnati Bengals team to begin the year. They released him, then signed him to their practice squad. That turned out to be huge for Still because practice squad members and their families are covered by the team's health insurance.
Still's 4-year-old daughter Leah is battling Stage 4 neuroblastoma, a cancer that attacks the nervous system of young children. The Bengals recently decided they need Still to play for them on Sundays – and then did something remarkable. After signing Still to the full-time job, the team announced that all of proceeds from Still jerseys purchased from the Cincinnati Bengals website (they sell for about $100 apiece) would be donated to children's cancer research.
The Bengals probably weren't expecting this decision to make a big impact. If so, they were wrong. Still recently said that jersey sales have surpassed the 500,000 mark. One of the biggest buyers? A coach from an opposing NFL team.
New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton purchased 100 youth-sized Still jerseys, donating all of them to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.
Leah recently completed her fourth round of chemotherapy. She is scheduled for surgery to remove the tumor on Sept. 25. While the treatment appears to be helping, recent articles state that doctors have given Leah only a 50 percent chance of defeating neuroblastoma.
With all of the bad public relations swirling around the NFL right now, it's good to see that at least one team is getting it right. And it doesn't appear the Bengals are doing this for the good press. Their intentions seem genuine. I'm sure I share the sentiments of the entire Care To Click community when I wish Leah a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.
We know Care To Click members do their part to make an impact in the battle against cancer. For those new to our community, we invite you to visit the Care To Click Cancer page, where you can donate a free click or print useful coupons. At CareToClick.com, your small actions prompt our donations to organizations conducting cancer research.
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