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Reason to Party: ECHOAge combines charitable giving and birthday parties

Parents wishing to instill in their children the importance of charitable giving should consider a birthday party option offered by ECHOAge.com.

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Christmas Presents: It's the Toys for Tots time of the year

During this time of year when most of us are scurrying around looking for the perfect Christmas presents let's not forget to pick up an extra gift and drop it off at the nearest Toys for Tots collection spot.

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Post-Cyber Monday: Visit BabyEarth to purchase eco-friendly baby products

If eco-friendly baby products are on your Cyber Monday shopping list this might be a good time to visit BabyEarth, where all kinds of environmentally friendly products can be found.

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Cruise Bogle's Care Page at Care To Click will raise money to offset his medical costs

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Care To Click and In Cruise We Trust are proud to announce an innovative internet-based fundraising partnership that will raise money to help fund Cruise Bogle's rehabilitation from a serious spinal cord injury.

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Support a Cause: Photo sharing app from Johnson & Johnson supports worthy causes

A new app created by Johnson & Johnson takes photo sharing and turns it into a convenient way to help support a cause.

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Power of One: Malaria No More's campaign saves one life per each dollar

Malaria No More recently created an exciting new campaign called Power of One which allows people to save one life for the price of one dollar.

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Domestic Abuse: Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse (AVDA) about to hold exciting fundraisers

Care To Click is always on the lookout for interesting charity events – especially in our home base of South Florida – and we came across two being thrown by Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse (AVDA) in the next month.

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Hand Transplant: Boston Children's Hospital introduces program that could have handicapped children playing again.

The sound of children playing may be about to become a little more voluminous now that the Boston Children's Hospital has announced the world's first pediatric hand transplant program.

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Childhood Diseases: END7 campaign aims to wipe out Neglected Tropical Diseases

Childhood diseases affect nearly a billion children each year, but an organization called the Global Network has launched a campaign called END7 with the mission of protecting people from a subset of those diseases – the Neglected Tropical Diseases – by 2020.

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Beer advocate: Oregon Public House a charity bar among Portland bars

If you are a beer advocate and have the ability to get to Portland bars, be sure to check out the Oregon Public House, which opened Friday.

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