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You can make great purchases here

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  • Vitamix - Tamper for 64 fl oz Container (Black) - Home

    The Vita-Mix Tamper Accelerator Tool offers added flexibility when blending at low speeds or with thick ingredients that don't always make it down into the blades. The Tamper comes standard on food processing Vita-Mix blenders such as the Professional and the Vita-Prep series, but can also be used with any Vita-Mix blender equipped with the…

  • Vitamix 32 oz Container with Dry Blade

    The Vitamix 32-ounce Dry Grains container grinds whole grain into fresh flour, mixes batter, and kneads dough. The included cookbook offers more than 50 whole-grain recipes (some are also gluten-free) for breads, cereals, and baked desserts, as well as key baking tips from the Vitamix corporate chef. The 32-ounce container works in conjunction with…

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  • Vitamix 64-oz. Professional Series 750 Blender, Brushed Stainless

    VTM1020: Features: -5 Pre-Programmed settings ensure consistent results, simple cleaning and smart blending all with the turn of a dial. Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, Soups, Purees and cleaning-Vibration dampening and enhanced airflow management, similar to Vitamix commercial blenders, dramatically reduces noise-Low-profile BPA-free 64 oz. capacity…

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  • Vitamix Plastic Retainer Nut Removal Wrench - 15596

    Features: -Color: Black-Made in the USA-Product Type: Blender Accessories-Distressed: No-Lid Material: -Number of Items Included: 1-Pieces Included: -Tamper: No-Jar Capacity: -Wattage: -Power Output: -Multiple Speeds: No -Number of Speeds:.

  • Vitamix 64-oz. Professional Series 200 Blender, Onyx

    Professional-grade power in a home blender. Precise, multi-speed control. Hardened stainless steel blades. 64-oz pitcher. Includes a chef-tested recipe book. Here's a pro tip that you can put to work as soon as you bring home the Vita Mix 1723 Pro Series 200 Blender: Chop the onions, cilantro, jalapeno and garlic for your salsa, but quarter your…

  • Vitamix 48oz Container

    A true American success story, this fourth-generation family-led company is one of our customersâ favorite brands. Since before the Great Depression, high-quality Vitamix products have improved peoplesâ diets through whole-food nutrition. The 48-ounce Eastman Tritan copolyester carafe strikes a perfect balance between processing large recipes…

  • Vitamix Professional Series 500 Blender, Brushed Stainless Finish

    Home blender with professional power. 3 pre-set speeds with variable speed option. Stainless steel blades and exterior housing. Walk-away control for efficient prep. Included recipe book helps you get the most from your mixer. Using the word emulsify in conversation can be pretty impressive, but imagine how impressed your family and friends will be…

  • Vitamix 32 oz. Dry Grains Container with Recipe Book

    Replacement dry grains pitcher for Vita Mix blender. BPA-free plastic body. Simulates the motion of kneading. Hardened stainless steel blades. 32-oz. capacity. Having multiple mixers is not only a hassle, it opens the door to inconsistent recipes and lost productivity, so keep all your kitchen ducks in a row by being able to swap out a standard…

  • Vitamix 64 oz Container with Wet Blade

    Replacement pitcher for Vita Mix blender. BPA-free plastic body. Designed for rigorous, professional use. Hardened stainless steel blades. 48-oz. capacity. Crafted from BPA-free plastic and ready to tackle any mixing, blending, or possibly even frappe-ing job you might have, the Vita Mix 48 oz. Wet Blade Container is going to be your go-to…

  • VitaMix 1700 Turbo Blend 4500 Blender with 2+ HP

    Compare similar items Printable Page Vitamix TurboBlend 4500 Black Vitamix Blenders Get every bit of nutrition from your favorite wholesome fruits and vegetables with the TurboBlend 4500. Its highly effi cient two-speed motor processes foods like apples, berries, and greens wholeincluding stems and peels. Durable, 64oz. copolyester container…

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  • Vitamix 2-Part Lid & Plug, 64oz

    Easy-off 2-part lid & plug for 64 oz. standard container. Features: -Product Type: Blender Accessories-Color: Black-Distressed: No-Lid Material: Plastic-Tamper: No-Jar Capacity: -Wattage: -Power Output: -Multiple Speeds: No -Number of Speeds:.

  • Vitamix The Quiet One, On-Counter with 48 oz Advance Container 36019

    Blending beverages doesnt have to sound unpleasant or disrupt the peaceful ambience of your smoothie shop or other open kitchen operation. The Quiet One from Vitamix® (36019) employs advanced vibration dampening technology to make it up to four times quieter than most other blenders. And the Quiet One has a magnetically-attached sound enclosure…

  • Vitamix - 48 Oz Container (Clear) - Home

    The Vitamix 48-ounce container processes large-volume recipes while fitting easily on the counter. Designed to pulverize whole foods for smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts, and more, the container is strong, yet lightweight and accompanied by a Mini-Tamper to use when processing thick mixtures. The 48-ounce container works in conjunction with…

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  • Vitamix Wet Blade Assembly

    Wet ingredient replacement blade for Vitamix containers

  • Vitamix Drink Machine Two Speed with 64 oz Container 748

    This Vitamix ® 748 Drink Machine Two-Speed combines power and functionality in one dependable blending machine. Manual controls allows you to create customized frozen drinks that taste and look the way you want them to. Blend up the thickest frozen coffee drinks, smoothies, shakes and more with the Drink Machine's powerful motor and blades that…

  • Vitamix Cia Professional Series Blender, Brushed Stainless Finish

    Vitamix Cia Professional Series Blender, Brushed Stainless Finish-Home

  • Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender - Brushed Stainless

    The Vita-Mix Professional Series 750 Blender provides an easy way to make or blend sauces, soups, and smoothies. The blender is made from plastic with a brushed stainless finish, which makes it durable and reliable. The blender features five pre-progr.

  • Vitamix Eastman Tritan Copolyester 48-Ounce Replacement Container with Lid and Wet Blade

    Designed for Vita-Mix blenders, this large 48-oz. wet-blade container can be used as a replacement jar or a second mixing jar.

  • Vitamix Vita Prep 3 HP Commercial Blender

    This variable speed Vita-Prep 3 (1005) Commercial Food Blender from Vitamix ® is a powerful and versatile asset for any commercial kitchen. Chop, grind, puree and blend the densest of ingredients at exactly the right speed for your recipes. Product silky smooth purees, grind whole spices and grains, chop vegetables and so much more. The…

  • Vitamix Recipe Book w/Instructional DVD

    This great Vita-Mix Blender Recipe Book has 320 amazingly delicious recipes. The photos are so appealing you'll want to make most everything in this cookbook! The cook book from Vitamix has its own easel so it stands on the counter so it's easy to follow recipes as you blend. All of the recipes have been created by professional chefs. You'll also…

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  • Vitamix Professional Series 500 Gallery Collection Blender, Black Diamond

    Vitamix Professional Series 500 Gallery Collection Blender, Black Diamond-Home

  • Vitamix 64-oz. Professional Series 300 Blender, Ruby

    Blenders - Quite possibly the most versatile appliance you'll ever own, the Vitamix Professional Series 300 Blender prepares restaurant-quality appetizers and frozen drinks to entrees and desserts easier and faster with gourmet results. With the speed and precision of a professional chef, you'll explore new levels of flavor and nutrition every time…

  • Vitamix 64-oz. Professional Series 300 Blender, Onyx

    VTM1027: Features: -Vibration dampening and enhanced airflow management, similar to Vitamix commercial blenders, dramatically reduces noise-Variable speed dial and pulse function allow for flexibility and creativity along with refreshing recipes and creating a variety of textures-Low-profile BPA-free 64 oz. capacity container is perfect for meals…

  • Vitamix - 32-oz. Dry Grains Container - Clear

    Turn your Vitamix into a versatile grain mill. Great for making custom flour blends, grinding spices and more, this dry grains blending carafe features a special blade configuration that forces ingredients away from the blades to prevent caking and ensure uniform results. FEATURESEngineered to easily blend whole grains such as farro, hulled barley,…

  • Vitamix S50 Personal Blender, 1922 - Black

    Create healthful and delicious smoothies, lightning-quick salsa fresca, baby food, quick sauces and so much moreâ this innovative blender packs the legendary power of a Vitamix into a compact package designed specifically for individuals. Offering true grab-and-go convenience, the S50 features two blending presets and a custom-blending carafe that…

  • SPEED CONTROL for Vitamix - Part# 15762

    SPEED CONTROL ASSEMBLY, W/CIRCUIT BOARD & POTENTIOMETER.;VITA-MIX Variable Speed Drink Mach, Vita-Prep, Vita-Prep 3,;Vita-Pro

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  • CENTERING PAD for Vitamix - Part# 15579

    CENTERING PAD, SOUND REDUCING;VITA-MIX In-Counter Blending Adv, In-Counter Blending MP,;In-Counter T & G 2, On-Counter Blending Adv, On-Counter;Blending MP, On-Counter T & G2 Blending, Quiet One 100V;In-Counter, Quiet One 100V On-Counter, Quiet One 120V;In-Co

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  • DRIVE SOCKET for Vitamix - Part# 891


    Available at Tundra Restaurant Supply

  • Vitamix Drink Machine Two Step Timer with 48 oz Container 5006

    This Vitamix ® 5006 Drink Machine Two-Step combines power and functionality in one dependable blending machine. A timer and automatic shut off feature allow you to service other customers while still blending, to save time and keep your customers happy. Manual controls allows you to create customized frozen drinks that taste and look the way…

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  • CONTAINER - 64 OZ. PREP for Vitamix - Part# 1195

    Vita Mix 001195 Vpro Container with Wet Blade and Lid