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Saving the rainforest: Recycled cell phones may be key in preventing deforestation

saving the rainforestCould the key to saving the rainforest from deforestation be found in recycled cell phones? A new program aims to show that, at the very least, recycled cell phones could play a huge role in preventing rainforest deforestation.
An organization called Rainforest Connection is using unmanned, recycled cell phones to alert authorities to illegal lumber harvesting in rainforests – and the way it works is pretty cool.
Rainforest Connection reprograms recycled smart phones so that they are constantly recording the ambient sounds of the rainforests. When the smart phones record a sound that matches the digital signature of chainsaws buzzing, they automatically send an alert to rangers, allowing them to check the area for illegal activity.
How well does the program work? Well, we're only now beginning to find out.
Rainforest Connection is running a test in the Sumatra Air Tarusan Preserve rainforest. Fifteen recycled cell phones have been positioned in the rainforest, but each one can only pick up sound created in a third of a mile radius.
Obviously, that is not a large enough area to protect all the trees, but this test should give an indication as to whether the used smart phone project will work on a larger scale. And cell phone towers are becoming so prevalent that in many areas of the rainforest there won't be a need to install new ones.
If the test is successful, rangers will have a new weapon in stopping illegal loggers. Currently, much of the rainforest deforestation is detected by comparing satellite images, but at that point the damage is already done.
The Rainforest Connection program can help stop illegal loggers before they do much damage, thereby saving the rainforest.
Care To Click is excited to see the results of the Rainforest Connection test and we'll be sure to pass along any information as soon as its made available.
In the meantime we invite you to visit the Care To Click Rainforest page, where you can do your part when it comes to saving the rainforest by donating a free click or printing useful coupons. At CareToClick.com your small actions prompt our donations to help save the rainforests.
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