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Rainforest: Stand Up for the Amazon paddleboarding down Amazon River for good causes

paddleboard amazonA group of enterprising scientists and conservationists have found an intriguing way to raise money for rainforest conservation in the Amazon basin by paddleboarding down the Amazon River.
The six members of Stand Up for the Amazon – five scientists and conservationists and one guide – are attempting to paddleboard about 800 miles down the Amazon River to raise awareness about the loss of habitat and wildlife within the Amazon Rainforest and surrounding area.
The trek began earlier this month and should last through the end of July at the least.
The group began their journey by climbing aboard their inflatable paddleboards in Napo, Ecador for a paddleboarding excursion that will ultimately take them through Peru before ending in Leticia, Columbia.
The money raised by Stand Up for the Amazon will benefit three charitable organizations.

  • The Cofan Survival Fund benefits the Cofan – some of the oldest surviving indigenous people in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The Cofan territory covers about 1 million square miles surrounding the Amazon River. The Cofan Survival Fund is dedicated to the people's survival and protection of the Amazon River environment.

  •  Entropica aims to aid the Columbian Amazon region through research and educational projects that work with indigenous people. Their approach encourages cooperation from groups that haven't worked together often in the past in order to help conserve their collect environment.

  •  Fundacion Maikuchiga looks to protect the indigenous species of the Amazon River basin, especially the primates. Founded in 2003, the center provides education and economic incentives for the local tribe to continue their effort to preserve the rainforest.

Stand Up for the Amazon has set a goal to raise nearly $10,000 for during their paddleboarding trip. They are almost halfway to that goal. You can track the progress of the fundraising (and make a donation) at this website. The group is also posting trip updates on this blog.
Care To Click believes the Stand Up of the Amazon paddleboarding fundraiser is a great way to raise money for some worthy causes. For those who want to help preserve the Amazon River area, particularly the rainforest, we also invite you to visit the Care to Click Rainforest page, where you can donate a free click or print useful coupons. At CareToClick.com your small actions prompt our donations that help preserve the rainforest.
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