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Rainforest Clothing: Major clothing brands join Canopy effort to preserve endangered forest

Canopy rainforestCare To Click members are nothing if not environmentally conscious and fashionable.
Now, thanks to Canopy, they will have the opportunity to combine both traits.
Thanks to the work of Canopy, two of the world's largest clothing brands, Inditex/Zara and H&M, have agreed to stop using ancient and endangered forest fibers in their products.
Fifteen years ago Canopy set about preserving the world's forests by convincing some top businesses that conservation was in their best interest.
Their biggest successes have come in the publishing industry, where the campaign initially focused, and include helping the Harry Potter series become green. Canopy has recruited dozens of book and magazine publishers to be more environmentally sensitive, along with other major companies like Sprint, Happy Planet Foods and Vancity/Citizens Bank.
The fashion industry push, labeled “Fashion Loved by Forest,” is somewhat new for Canopy.
Canopy learned that the way companies make rayon, viscose, modal and other in-house fabrics increasingly relied on trees harvested from endangered forests, including Indonesian rainforests and the Boreal rainforest.
It's estimated that 70 million trees were harvested for fabric production – and that number continues to rise at a startling rate. With Inditex/Zara and H&M on board, 22 members of the fashion industry are now conducting business in a more environmentally friendly manner, including Quicksilver, EILEEN FISHER and Loomstate.
Care To Click salutes the work being done by Canopy to change the way businesses look at our environment. We encourage our members to visit the Canopy website to see whether there is a way to aid the effort and to remember Inditex/Zara and H&M when making clothing purchases. All businesses making an effort to produce environmentally friendly products deserve to be rewarded with extra sales.
Prior to shopping, we invite those new to Care To Click to visit the Care To Click Rainforest page where you can donate a free click or print useful coupons. At CaretoClick.com, your small actions prompt our donations to organizations working to preserve the rainforests.
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