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New Species of Monkey: Scientists find new Saki in the Amazon rainforest

new monkey discovered in rainforestNew species of animals are always being discovered in the Amazon rainforest but they are usually much smaller than the new species of monkey scientists believe they recently discovered.
The new species is thought to be a type of Saki monkey. It is calico in color and as of yet no pictures of the new species of monkey have been published. (The above photo is of the white-faced Saki monkey.)
A study from the University of Mato Grosso reports that scientists spotted the new type of monkey on three separate occasions living in a region of the Amazon so remote that it's rarely studied.
Saki monkeys are generally shorter than two feet tall and weigh less than five pounds. They live in the treetops and rarely, if ever come to the ground, which makes it easy to understand why the monkey has only recently been discovered.
The discovery is the good news. Now here's the bad news. Scientists already believe that this monkey is on its way to extinction.
The South American region the new monkey calls home is undergoing massive deforestation. It isn't believed that there are many of these newly discovered monkeys still alive and their habitat continues to shrink.
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