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Easter Candy: The link between chocolate and a rainforest

rainforestWhen considering Easter candy, one group wants to alert consumers that what kind of chocolate they buy can have an effect on the rainforest.
The Rainforest Foundation UK, along with Ethical Consumer, surveyed the makers of about 70 chocolate treats and found that many are using non-certified palm oil or its derivatives.
How does this relate to the rainforest and Easter candy?
Much of the uncertified palm oil comes from a rainforest in south Asia. The groups that conducted the survey argues that purchasing those chocolate products leads to the deforestation of Asian rainforests.
The survey rated chocolate manufacturers based on the amount of palm oil they used in their chocolate, and whether they could prove that any palm oil used was produced at sustainably managed plantations.
Which chocolate manufacturer produced the most rainforest-friendly Easter Candy? Divine and Booja Booja ranked atop the list because they don't use palm oil to manufacture their chocolate.
The worst offenders? Lindt and Thorntons received a score of zero because they didn't respond to the survey. The Lotte Group received a negative score because they survey conductors concluded the company provided false information.
Popular Easter candy manufacturer Nestle finished about in the middle of the pack. Here is a link to the complete chocolate and palm oil rankings.
Care To Click works to ensure the rainforests are around for years to come. Little pieces of information like the palm oil content of chocolate can help consumers make easy, environmentally friendly choices about something as small as Easter candy.
If you care about saving the rainforests, be sure to visit the CareToClick.com Rainforest page and donate a free click or print valuable coupons. At Care2Click.com, your small actions prompt our donations to preserve the rainforests.
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