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Rainforest spider: Cool spider creates fake spider as in-web decoy

A newly discovered rainforest spider appears to have developed the cool spider defense of creating a much larger, fake spider in its web to attract the attention of potential predators looking at the spider web. With spider dinner on the predator's mind, the cool spider hopes the predator will go after the fake spider, leaving this unique rainforest spider to live another day.

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Rainforest animals: Cute and deadly Loris proves we're always learning about the rainforest.

Interesting new facts about the rainforest are discovered every day and one of the more peculiar rainforest animals, the slow loris, is all about being interesting.

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Wildlife in the Rainforest: if a tree fell in the rainforest a katydid would hear it

While there are plenty of interesting plants to see in any given rainforest, it's difficult to argue that one of the coolest aspects about rainforests is the wildlife... For those who wonder about rainforests and their need for preservation, the Copiphora gorgonensis should provide further proof that science still has plenty to learn from the creatures that inhabit these remote areas.

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How to Be Green, Save Rainforests and Still Love Coffee

So how can you reconcile your love of coffee, the convenience of coffee shops and a desire to be green? You take your business to places like Starbucks.

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Small Changes Here Can Have a Big Impact on Rainforests

Our planet’s rainforests are in trouble. That’s not a secret. Every day, roughly 80,000 acres and 13 species of animals are destroyed - forever! Luckily, we now know losing the rainforests also means losing potentially life saving medicines, a healthy world water supply, home to hundreds of thousands of indigenous people and millions of plants and animals. Not to mention a little thing we call “breathable air”.

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A Killer Ingredient:
Palm Oil's Threat to Orangutans

Indonesia and Malaysia continuously battle for the title of world’s largest palm oil exporter. In recent years, global demand for the product, derived from oil palms, has dramatically increased due to its popularity as biofuel and a healthier, trans-fat-free alternative to other cooking oils. With the sustained use of slash-and-burn techniques to transform ancient forest into vast monocultures of oil palms, the remaining habitat of these endangered animals is quickly burning away.

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