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Balloons Carrying WiFi: Bringing internet access to the Amazon rainforest

A new program in Brazil is hoping to use large balloons hovering over the rainforest canopy to bring the internet to the Amazon. Creating access is a mere starting point, though, in a highly ambitious project.

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Rainforest: Stand Up for the Amazon paddleboarding down Amazon River for good causes

A group of enterprising scientists and conservationists have found an intriguing way to raise money for rainforest conservation in the Amazon basin by paddleboarding down the Amazon River.

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Saving the rainforest: Recycled cell phones may be key in preventing deforestation

Could the key to saving the rainforest from deforestation be found in recycled cell phones? A new program aims to show that, at the very least, recycled cell phones could play a huge role in preventing rainforest deforestation.

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Amazon Rainforest: Hidden wildfire a contributing factor to deforestation

NASA scientists recently released a new study finding wildfire to be a much bigger contributor to deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest that previously thought.

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Sumatran rainforest: Palm oil plantation a couple decades away from destroying habitat of tigers and other animals

The Sumatran rainforest, home of indigenous people, tigers, rhinos and orangutans, may be mostly gone in as few as 20 years, according to scientists who say the proliferation of palm oil plantations is a major factor.

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Easter Candy: The link between chocolate and a rainforest

The Easter Candy you buy has a direct effect on the rainforests. See who ranks top among rainforest friendly chocolate makers and who needs to fess up!

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Rainforest: Indigenous people in the rainforest near war over oil drilling

Some of the longest standing people in the rainforest may be about to stand up to those who want more oil drilling in the rainforest, and the outcome may turn violent.

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Rainforest spider: Cool spider creates fake spider as in-web decoy

A newly discovered rainforest spider appears to have developed the cool spider defense of creating a much larger, fake spider in its web to attract the attention of potential predators looking at the spider web. With spider dinner on the predator's mind, the cool spider hopes the predator will go after the fake spider, leaving this unique rainforest spider to live another day.

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Rainforest animals: Cute and deadly Loris proves we're always learning about the rainforest.

Interesting new facts about the rainforest are discovered every day and one of the more peculiar rainforest animals, the slow loris, is all about being interesting.

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Wildlife in the Rainforest: if a tree fell in the rainforest a katydid would hear it

While there are plenty of interesting plants to see in any given rainforest, it's difficult to argue that one of the coolest aspects about rainforests is the wildlife... For those who wonder about rainforests and their need for preservation, the Copiphora gorgonensis should provide further proof that science still has plenty to learn from the creatures that inhabit these remote areas.

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