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Tiger Population: Dramatic increase for the big cats

Tiger Population Dramatic IncreaseFriends of wildlife received some good news out of India this week with a report that detailed the tiger population's dramatic increase.
According to the report released by the Wildlife Institute of India, the population of tigers in that country rose 30 percent over the past four years and now sits at more than 2,000. Contrast that number to the 1,400 or so tigers believed to be living in India less than 10 years ago.
The organization conducted the survey using 10,000 cameras placed in the jungle. The fact that the tiger population in India is increasing is great news for the endangered big cats. About 70 percent of the world's tiger population resides in India.
The report concludes that tigers “respond well to reduction in human pressures, protection, prey availability and good quality habitats. The political will, conservation commitment by wildlife managers and improved protection have paid dividends.”
This study is yet another encouraging sign that humans can make a difference in preserving the tiger population – and the population of most species – if they so choose. The Wildlife Institute of India, along with the government of India, is working hard to ensure tigers have a habitat free of poachers – which is their biggest threat.
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