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Monkey Day: Saturday is a day for monkeying around and making monkey sounds

monkey soundsIf ever there was a day for monkeying around and making monkey noises, it's Saturday – national Monkey Day.
OK, it's not really a national day of recognition, yet, but support for the unofficial day is gaining some momentum. Monkey Day came into existence back in 2000, when a couple of Michigan St. students were monkeying around and Casey Sorrow scribbled “Monkey Day” on a friend's day planner.
Sorrow and fellow art student Eric Millikin chose not to let a good idea go to the dogs.
Ever since they have considered Dec. 14 a day to do all things monkey, including walking like a monkey, making monkey noises and generally having fun. There is now a website dedicated to Monday Day, which features monkeys in the news, links to scientific organizations, “Monkey Friendly Comics,” and “Friends of Monkey Day.”
And Monkey Day is inclusive. Celebrators are encouraged to include apes, too.
The FAQ section of the site suggests general monkeying around, including:

Dress in your favorite simian attire, talk like a monkey all day long, throw a monkey themed party, send some monkey greeting cards, draw a monkey comic, or perhaps give your favorite simian a monkey themed gift, or maybe even give to your favorite simian charity. Whatever you find most appropriate without being arrested, and if you want to share your experience with the world, please post it on our Facebook, Reddit, or contact us directly and tell or show us all about it.

Sorrow's Monkey Day highlight?
“Well, I think the coolest time we had was when we organized the charity art show to benefit the Chimps Inc. sanctuary,” Sorrow told Care To Click via email. “It was a very fun event, we had some great musicians play, awesome artists donated artwork (two of the chimps from the sanctuary even donated artwork!), and we managed to raise a bit of money for a good cause. A good time all around.”
Some zoos are even getting into the Monkey Day spirit. Californians who want to hear real life monkey sounds should head to the Santa Ana Zoo at Prentice Park on Saturday for its Monkey Day celebration. That zoo features 59 monkeys from 17 different species. For our international friends, the Dudley Zoological Gardens in England is also celebrating Monkey Day.
And in Charleston, S. C., Wine and Design - West Ashley is holding an event where attendees can release their artistic creativity by producing paintings of monkeys. Proceeds from that event will benefit the International Primate Protection League.
Sorrow isn't surprised Monkey Day is catching on.
“I probably should say I am, that I'm surprised by all the attention and monkey love, right?” Sorrow said. “But no, I'm not really. Sure, the first time I saw it in a newspaper it was a bit of a shock. But c'mon, who doesn't love monkeys?!? Who doesn't want to spend a day celebrating them?”
Monkey Day may have a humorous origin, but over the years it has taken on a new purpose.
“Well, like many good things, it just naturally evolved,” Sorrow said. “It did start out as a silly celebration (and it often still is), and I fully support celebrating as such. However, at some point when we started to get extra attention we also decided that if we could accomplish a little good while also having an absurdly good time, then we needed to put some energy and effort towards that. This year we are featuring Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary prominently on our website, and encouraging people to be charitable and donate to their sanctuary in order to give the monkeys fostered there a wonderful Monkey Day!”
Care To Click loves the idea of Monkey Day and can guarantee that we will spend at least part of Saturday wandering around in public making monkey noises. We may even swing on monkey bars and eat Chunky Monkey ice cream.
As part of your Monkey Day celebration, be sure to visit the Care To Click Wildlife page, where you can donate a free click or print useful coupons. At CareToClick.com, your small actions prompt our donations that benefit wildlife preservation.
Now, if you'll excuse us, we need to go find some bananas...
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