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Gorilla Zoo Video: Girl gets more attention than expected from a silverback

Gorilla attacks cracks glassA young girl hoping to have a little fun with some gorillas garnered a bit more attention than she expected when a silverback gorilla came in for a much closer look – and, as always seems to happen these days, it was captured on this gorilla zoo video.
Everything took place at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska.
The little girl, who isn't identified, can be seen in the reflection of the glass beating her chest in an effort to get the attention of the gorillas. A boy can be heard in the background telling her she shouldn't do such a thing.
It appears the boy knew what he was talking about.
While the gorilla closest to the girl doesn't seem to be paying any attention, the one in the distance decides to come in for a closer look – and man does he close ground quickly.
Before anyone can really react, the gorilla hurls himself at the glass separating zoo patrons from the animals, cracking the glass and sending the family scurrying away. While the incident is over in a matter of seconds, the speed and power shown by the gorilla is amazing. We're betting you'll watch this video more than once.

According to news reports, the gorilla wasn't injured. The glass is designed to crack but not shatter. Pretty wild to see, though.
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