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Flying Lion: Antelope takes to the air but can't escape lioness

Flyingv Lion

The Griffin is a mythical creature that combines a lion and an eagle, but it's flight prowess has nothing on this flying lion.
A couple of lionesses were simply hanging out at the top of an embankment enjoying the view in a South African preserve when two unknowing antelopes came bouncing through their vision.
As lionesses are want to do, they took off after one of the antelopes. The first lion scared the antelope into jumping off the embankment. The second lion wasn't about to let that escape work. She, too, leaped off the embankment, meeting the antelope in mid air, like a linebacker would pop a running back trying to jump over a pile of defenders into the end zone.
To keep the football analogy going, the lion made the tackle, then held on as her partner arrived to completely subdue the antelope. The entire scene played out in front of a shocked tour group and showed that humans aren't the only athletes in the world.
Trust us, even if you don't like football, you will enjoy seeing these athletes of the wild.

This flying lion video shows how amazing wildlife can be. You can do your part to ensure the ability for all animals to live in a safe habitat by visiting the Care To Click Wildlife page on a daily basis to donate a free click, tweet or Facebook post. You can also print useful coupons. At CareToClick.com, your small actions prompt our donations to organizations preserving wildlife.
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