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Ants Eat Gecko: Then put the gecko back together?

Ants eat Gecko

Even through they are tiny, ants eat gecko lizards in a surprisingly short amount of time. Amazingly, it takes less than two days for the ants to completely devour a dead gecko lizard.
Don't believe it? The time lapse video below shows how ravenous a colony of ants can be. They start slowly, but before the second day is complete they have picked the gecko's bones clean. In fact they even take the bones with them. Perhaps they are planning to make soup.
Ants have long been known for their relative strength and work ethic. This time lapse video shows how merciless nature can be. Take a look.

So maybe watching ants eat a lizard isn't your idea of a good time. It is a little destructive. Maybe we should have shown a more upbeat video.
It turns out some enterprising video editor agrees with that line of thinking. He took the previous video and, through the magic of editing, re-recorded it in reverse. The result is that it looks like the ants have taken it upon themselves to create a gecko from spare parts they happened to have handy. It's actually pretty amazing.

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