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Ram Attacks Drone: Headbutt knocks remote controlled craft out of the sky

Airborne drones are vulnerable to attack from birds, but would anyone ever think they would see a “ram attacks drone” video?

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Hawk Attack: Video shows bird of prey taking out drone

Few animals come out of nowhere to take out their prey like hawks – something a drone discovered in a surprising hawk attack video.

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Surfing Seal: Pup joins a pair of surfers to ride some waves

Everyone knows that seals are cool animals but, after watching the video of a surfing seal, perhaps we've been under estimating just how cool seals really are.

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Bears and Doughnuts: Wildlife officials hope doughnuts will help them get a better count of the Florida black bear population.

If there is one immutable law of nature, it is this: Bears love doughnuts. Don't believe us? Ask the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, which is using doughnuts to try to get an accurate count of the wild black bear population in the Sunshine State.

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Zoo Poo: Michigan zoo selling African animal manure compost

What makes a garden grow? If Mary, Mary Quite Contrary lives near Battle Creek, Michigan, it could be a mixture of giraffe, zebra and antelope manure.

That's because the good folks at the Binder Park Zoo aren't the kind of people who waste their waste.

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Go Nuts: Enjoy National Squirrel Appreciation Day

If you woke up this morning and felt a little nuts or had an inexplicable desire to climb a tree, there may be a good reason for it: Happy National Squirrel Appreciation Day.

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Helmet Crab: Seattle Aquarium's Marshawn Pinch ready for NFL action and entertainment

Seattle Seahawks fans are known for their team spirit. Now the Seattle Aquarium is taking team support to a new level by introducing the smallest, perhaps fiercest, and certainly most unusual fan: Marshawn Pinch.

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Monkey Day: Saturday is a day for monkeying around and making monkey sounds

If ever there was a day for monkeying around and making monkey noises, it's Saturday – national Monkey Day.

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Cool Apps: NOAA apps can help save beached whales and other troubled marine mammals

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration may not be the place people think of when searching for cool smartphone apps, but wildlife lovers can now help save beached whales and identify types of marine mammals with NOAA's newest offereings.

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Tiger Cam: Baby Tigers hit the pool in cool tiger video

On Wednesday, the baby tigers came into the public area of their habitat to take an important test. The good news: both tigers showed they knew how to swim. The great news: The tiger video from the swim test is fantastic.

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