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Montana Bison: More bison may be returning to the lands they once plentifully roamed

After an absence of more than a century, a new proposal by the Montana FWP could bring new bison herds to federal, private and tribal lands.

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Wildlife Takeover: We celebrate summer with The Nature Conservancy's takeover of the Wildlife page

With the weather finally becoming outdoor-friendly and the birds singing a summer song, June is always one of our favorite months at Care To Click. This year it's even more special.

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Talking Animals Video: Who knew this is what they are really thinking?

Starting a new week can be stressful, which is why we're glad we came across this talking animals video.

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Gorilla Zoo Video: Girl gets more attention than expected from a silverback

A young girl hoping to have a little fun with some gorillas garnered a bit more attention than she expected when a silverback gorilla came in for a much closer look – and, as always seems to happen these days, it was captured on this gorilla zoo video.

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Baby Tiger Video: Rainforest Trust creates video for Earth Day campaign

Rainforest Trust views the upcoming Earth Day 2015 as an important fundraising day – and they have the Eye of the Baby Tiger video to prove it.

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Camouflage Octopus Video: This guy has mad skills

Most of us have seen an octopus do amazing things, including forecasting the winners of soccer games, but this camouflage octopus video might be one of the coolest videos we've ever seen.

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Tiger Population: Dramatic increase for the big cats

Friends of wildlife received some good news out of India this week with a report that detailed the tiger population's dramatic increase.

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Dizzy Turkey Video gets you ready for Thanksgiving

If the thought of having to cook your Thanksgiving turkey makes your head spin, you may have some sympathy for your fowl after watching this dizzy turkey video.

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Flying Lion: Antelope takes to the air but can't escape lioness

The Griffin is a mythical creature that combines a lion and an eagle, but it's flight prowess has nothing on this flying lion.

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Ants Eat Gecko: Then put the gecko back together?

Even through they are tiny, ants eat gecko lizards in a surprisingly short amount of time. Amazingly, it takes less than two days for the ants to completely devour a dead gecko lizard.

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