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help fund cancer research

help kids in need

provide disaster relief

provide education to kids in need

fight global warming

fight world hunger

end animal cruelty

protect our rainforests

provide clean water

protect wildlife

These tees fund research that fights cancervaccinate 35 childrenpurify water after disasterprovide 110 days of educationplant 5 new treesprovide 2 years worth of vitaminsprovide 80 lbs of foodplant 5 new treesprovide 3 years of safe, clean waterprotect 7,500 sq ft of wildlife habitat

When you purchase a Care to Click cause tee, $8 goes to help Stand Up 2 Cancer fund innovative cancer research projects. you help provide life saving vaccinations to children. you are helping UNICEF support children and communities in crisis. we give $8 to Pencils of Promise to build schools and help kids break the cycle of poverty. you are helping the Nature Conservancy "Plant a Billion" Trees. you help provide vitamins to malnourished people and promote health in poverty stricken areas. you fight animal cruelty and help provide food for shelter animals. we make a donation to nature.org that helps ensure healthy rainforests for future generations. you are helping communities build wells and improve their standard of living. you help protect the natural habitat of wildlife and ensure their safety for years to come.

Tomorrow Can Be Better Tee

Every tee advances

cutting-edge cancer research

Every tee vaccinates

35 children

Every tee purifies

7,500 liters of water

Every tee funds

110 days of education

Every tee plants

5 trees

Every tee provides

2 years worth of vitamins

Every tee provides

80 lbs. of pet food

Every tee plants

5 trees

Every tee provides

3 years of clean water

Every tee protects

7,500 sq ft of wildlife habitat