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Yulin Dog Meat Festival: Here are a couple of ways you can help shut down a festival that celebrates the eating of dogs

Here is a cute dog photoThis will shock and disgust most Americans because it's almost inconceivable to us that there would be a festival celebrating the eating of dog meat.
As awful as it sounds, the Yulin dog festival actually exists – and it's happening in about a week.
The horrific event occurs in the Guangxi province of China, where dog eating is said to be a part of the culture. On the day of the festival, sellers bring thousands of dogs to market. There is no way of knowing where these dogs come from, but there are indications that at least some are lost pets.
The good news, if there is any in this story, is that pressure from activists prompted the Chinese government to stop condoning these events – at least publicly. With an increasing amount of Chinese households loving dogs as pets, the public outcry from Chinese citizens to end the Yulin dog festival is growing.
Here's a story that appeared on CNN last year. Warning, some of the images are graphic. There are plenty of images showing the marketplace at the Yulin dog festival available on the internet, but we've chosen the picture of a cute, non-threatened, American dog to accompany this story because the idea of a dog meat festival is already horrific enough to us.
There are several organizations trying to put an end to the dog meat trade, and the Yulin dog meat festival in particular. Here's a petition to Yulin governor Chen Wu. Here's another to Chinese president Xi Jinping. We encourage the Care To Click community to lend your voices for the call to end this sickening example of cruelty to animals.
Afterward, remember to visit the Care To Click Pets page and donate your social media influence to help combat animal cruelty. At CareToClick.com, small actions like clicking, tweeting and even shopping online prompt our donations to organizations working to end animal cruelty.

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