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Transforming lives, one rescue at a time.

Blue AfterCare to Click has proudly teamed up with the ASPCA to help rescue abused and abandoned animals. Every action and donation can have a huge impact, so join us and help make a difference for our furry friends in need - today and every day.
Blue. Zack. Spice. These are just three of the countless animals the ASPCA has helped save since their founding in 1866. The oldest animal welfare organization in the country - and one of the largest in the world - the ASPCA's mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. Here are three amazing stories of transformations made possible thanks to the ongoing support of ASPCA Guardians:
Blue was chained to a stake in the ground, exposed and shivering in blizzard-like conditions. He was emaciated and weighed just 30 pounds when the ASPCA rescued him during a multi-state dog fighting raid. Today, Blue is healthy and has been adopted into a loving home. He now spends his days snuggling, going for car rides and enjoying delicious home cooking.


Spice was a victim of extreme neglect. He came to the ASPCA after being confined in a squalid basement without adequate access to food or water. At just 32 pounds, Spice was severely underweight. Veterinarians at the ASPCA Animal Hospital nursed him back to health and helped him gain a life-saving 20 pounds, and he was soon adopted by two brothers who shower him with love and affection. Today, Spice is a happy, friendly dog who loves to learn new tricks.


Zack was one of 150 dogs rescued in a puppy mill raid. He was hungry, sick and shaking when the ASPCA carried him to safety. After his rescue, Zack required surgery on his eyes in addition to extensive behavioral rehabilitation. Today, he has made a full recovery and has been adopted by a loving family.


Countless animals are still desperate for help. The ASPCA relies on the continuous support of monthly donors to rescue victims of cruelty, abuse and neglect. For as little as 60¢ a day, you can become an ASPCA Guardian and help make a difference for animals in need - like Blue, Spice and Zack - every month of the year. Please make a monthly gift today.


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