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Funny Pet Video: Squirrel hides nut in dog's fur

funny pet videoWhen I woke up this morning I didn't expect to be writing about a squirrel hiding a nut a dog's fur, but once the video popped onto my screen I quickly realized that's exactly what would happen.
I don't have much background on this video. The dog is a Bernese Mountain Dog named Jax, while the squirrel is named Wally. Clearly they know each other and it seems that Wally the squirrel is a family pet.
Wally has what appears to be an acorn that he wants to save for later. Jax has seen Wally in this predicament previously.
When Wally tries to to bury the nut deep inside Jax's coat, Jax doesn't mind. Perhaps he's been helped hide nuts before. Still, it's cute and humorous at the same time.
This scene apparently occurs fairly regularly because there are several internet videos of this squirrel hiding a nut in the dog's fur. Our hope is that one day the dog stands up, starts walking, and all of the sudden dozens of nuts drop to the floor, sending the squirrel into a frenzy.
Check out the video.

We don't recommend adopting squirrels. They are best left in the wild – and you never know how a dog will react to being a nut depository. If you want to help pets, be sure to visit the Care To Click Pets page to donate your daily free click, tweet or Facebook post. Also, remember that the Care To Click Shopping Mall is a place where users can compare prices and save money on items such as a squirrel-free bird feeder, dog grooming products or a dog house.
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