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Pets and Smoking: New study finds smoking is harmful to pets

pets and smokingWe've known for decades that second hand smoke has ill effects on people, now there is a study showing that smoking is harmful to their pets, too.
Early results from an ongoing study at the University of Glasgow in England indicate that pets who live with smokers are at greater risk of some cancers, cell damage and weight gain.
It appears as though cats are more susceptible to the bad effects of smoking than dogs, but both are more prone to feel the effect of third-hand smoke – cigarette smoke that is trapped in carpeting, draperies and furniture. Researchers believe it's because cats and dogs are closer to the floor than most humans and are therefore breathing the third-hand smoke trapped in carpets.
The advice from the study? Stop smoking cigarettes altogether. That will reduce health risks for both smoker and pet. Those not ready to take that step can at least reduce their pet's health risk by smoking outside, the study finds.
We know that quitting smoking sounds much easier than it proves to be. We also know that people are often willing to go to greater lengths to ensure the health of their pets than they are for themselves. With the new year upon us, maybe this study will prompt some resolutions to quit smoking.
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