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Doggy I Do: Chinese residents hold largest communal dog wedding

dog wedding panoramaA group of pet owners in China have taken doggy love to a new level, bringing their canines together for the largest collective dog wedding ever recorded.
The event happened at a park in Beijing. Owners of 42 dogs brought their pets to the ceremony, where they split off into 21 couples.
dog tuxedosIt appears that most of the dogs didn't know each other very long. Some only had time for a quick butt sniff before getting hitched.
Still, judging by the photos it seemed like quite the affair. Some owners found little doggy tuxedos, ensuring their dogs looked their best. Other dogs wore interesting hats.
The idea is that the owners of the married dogs pledged to meet a couple times per week to allow the dogs to spend some time together. No word as to who (or what) caught the 21 bouquets, but we're sure that area cats are already planning something just as special.
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