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Kiss Your Dog: This video shows how to do it right

Kiss Dog HealthWe've all had our faces licked by dogs – and some of us have licked them back – but from a health standpoint, is it OK to kiss your dog?
If you follow pet news the way we do, you've recently seen a bunch of stories like this one from USA Today suggesting that pets can be responsible for getting humans, particularly kids, sick. The idea from many of them is that a dog's mouth and nose can find itself in some particularly unpleasant places.
If the dog then brings its face to yours, bacteria can be transferred. Not a pretty thought.
Most of the time kissing a dog is harmless, but as WebMD notes, kissing a dog can transfer parasites like roundworms, hookworms and giardia. Salmonella can also be passed to you – and from you to your dog, too.
But the main reason we found to bring up kissing your dog is because of this entertaining video produced by The Family Dog that intends to teach children how to properly “kiss” their dogs. Take a look:

Now, we're not sure of the science behind the claim in the video that dogs don't like to be kissed. We do know that it's pretty good advice not to stick your face in a strange dog's face. Much as you shouldn't try to kiss a person you don't know, you shouldn't try to kiss a dog you don't know – although that can be a tough concept to teach to children. Maybe this video can help. If nothing else, it's interesting to watch.
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