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Dogs and Fireworks: How to keep dogs safe on the Fourth of July

how to keep dogs safe on the fourth of julyIndependence Day is near, which means outdoor parties and fireworks, but how do you keep dogs safe during Fourth of July celebrations?
Most everyone who owns a dog knows that Independence Day can be traumatic for dogs. Crowds and fireworks can drive them crazy. More dogs run away from home on the day of fourth of July celebrations than any other day of the year. Most of them do so because they are scared of the noise made by fireworks.
There are some steps dog owners can take to ensure a safe Independence Day for pets, a couple of which need to be taken prior to the holiday.
Dogs can be given medication that will help them remain calm during fireworks displays. We know many owners resist the idea of medicating pets, which is understandable. We're not pushing the idea. It is, however, an option dog owners can consider. Getting medication takes planning. Dog owners need to consult with their vet prior to Independence Day.
Dog owners can also try to condition their dogs not to fear loud noises. One way to do that is to download audio of fireworks or thunder, then play the audio loudly while sitting with their dog. Let the dog get familiar with the loud noises in a comfortable setting. Reinforce calm behavior from the dogs with treats.
Once Independence Day arrives, it's the owners' job to remain calm. Jumping at loud noises, or yelling and screaming during parties will only raise a dog's tension. Remain calm and provide positive reinforcement for the dog.
Keep the dog inside. Most Fourth of July parties are held outdoors and it is fun to share the good times with pets. However, when the loud noises start, dogs can freak. If they are already outside, they are one step closer to running away. Keep dogs in the house and when the fireworks start head inside to spend time with them. You may miss seeing the fireworks, but that's a small price to pay to calm a pet that offers so much comfort to people throughout the rest of the year.
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