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Cat And Dolphin Video: Watch a cat play with a dolphin

dolphin and cat videoCats don't often have the opportunity to come face-to-face with creatures from the sea, which is probably the reason this cat and dolphin video is so surprising and entertaining.
The cat happens to be on a boat when the dolphin comes in for a closer look. The marine mammal pops its head out of the water to get to know the cat.
After a few seconds the cat reaches out its paw to touch the dolphin, which is now within reach. The dolphin backs away, but soon moves forward again to within the cat's reach.
The cat and dolphin spend a surprising amount of time getting to know each other. The video itself is a fascinating look at what can happen when two playful and curious animals meet. Take a look.

Hopefully this video of a cat playing with a dolphin made your day a little better.
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