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Funny Dog and Cat Video: Dogs sitting on cats will make you smile

The relationship between dogs and cats can be precarious at times, but that tension is what makes this funny dog and cat video worth watching.

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Photo Doggies for Anthony: Post your pics and help child with cancer

We know you dog lovers have hundreds of pictures of your pooches, so we'd like to suggest that Photo Doggies for Anthony is a great place to put those pictures to use.

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National Metal Dog: Video of Shih Tzu rocking out lends unexpected cuteness to National Metal Day

Rock music fans probably already know that Nov. 11 was National Metal Day, but they may not know about the National Metal Dog video.

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Dog Video: Mother dog fostering kittens

David Letterman once linked dogs and cats living together to a sign of the apocalypse, but this video of a mother dog fostering kittens may have all of us rethinking that sentiment.

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Funny Pet Video: Two minutes of smiles

Two Minutes of Smiles! These funny pet videos will provide the distraction you're looking for today.

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Babies and Dogs: Video combines two of the cutest aspects of life

Dogs are cool. Kids are cute. Putting them together for one big internet video seems like a no-brainer. Watching this video featuring kids and dogs playing together only serves to reinforce that thought.

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Hilarious Cat Videos: Check out this compilation of some funny cats

Looking for a distraction or a pick me up? This cat video featuring the best of 2014 is a great way to kill some time and a fantastic reminder to donate your free click today.

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Be More Dog: Video offers pretty good advice

A cat in the midst of a midlife crisis adopts a dog-like philosophy. Whether you're in need of a pick me up or a new point of view, this video will give a little pep to your step.

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Jump Around: Trampolines Don't Work for Buffaloes

Remember when you were young and saw a trampoline? All you wanted to do was jump around. Apparently that desire is not limited to the human species.

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PetMatch: App uses facial recognition to find the perfect pet

Ever been walking down the street, seen a cute cat or dog and thought to yourself, 'I wish I had a pet that looked exactly like that?' Well, there's an app for that.

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