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Clean Water Action: PackH20 is a simple, effective solution for clean water transportation

packh2o, Providing Clean Water to People in NeedWater transportation is a major problem for millions of people, which is why the PackH2O may be a pretty simple way to help get clean water to people who need it – and for those wanting to take clean water action to make an impact.
The PackH20 aids water transportation from a clean water source to a village by making the water easier to carry and safer to drink.

Taking Action for Clean Water

water transportationPackH20 was conceived following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The creator of the PackH20 noticed refugees and villagers using any items they could find – rusty buckets, old gasoline containers – to hold water while carrying it back to their homes. These vessels often added to the unsafe water issue by contaminating the fresh water before it could reach its destination.
It's a problem that crosses the globe. Millions of people walk at least five miles each day to carry fresh water back to their homes. David Fischer, who was in Haiti shortly after the 2010 earthquake, decided to take action which led to the creation of PackH20.

A Better Way to Transport and Sterilize Water

The PackH20 is a backpack that holds five gallons of water. It contains an inner liner that can be sterilized by sunlight to prevent e coli contamination. The straps on the PackH20 allow it to be carried comfortably over long distances. It's not exactly revolutionary – the PackH20 is essentially a backpack cooler, which would be great at tailgate parties – but the PackH20 is quite useful for water transportation. And by providing a more practical way to carry clean water, it can help save lives.
The PackH20 website explains more about how the product works. For those wanting to increase access to clean water for people in need, there is also a way to donate a PackH20 directly to someone who could benefit from it.
Ensuring that all people have clean water is a core cause supported by Care To Click. Anyone interested in fighting the water crisis is encouraged to examine the PackH20 to see if it fits into their philanthropic program.
You are also invited to visit the Care To Click Water page to donate a free click or print useful coupons. At CareToClick.com, small actions prompt our donations to organizations taking clean water action.
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