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Lajeunesse Fights Water Scarcity: Janitor and cab driver brings clean water to his native Haitian village

Princeton Janitor Clean Water HaitiIf you think the world's problems are too big for you to make a difference, then it's time to see how Josue Lajeunesse fights water scarcity.
A native of Haiti, Lajeunesse grew up in a village without clean drinking water. To get water, villagers needed to make a three-hour trek up a mountain, along dangerous cliffs, to fill their vessels and bring them back to town. Those who couldn't make the climb needed to go to a local river, dirty enough that Americans might not even swim in it.
Lajeunesse decided he wanted to make a difference. But how much of an impact could an immigrant who works as a janitor at Princeton during the day and drives a cab at night really make? He involved members of the Princeton student body and shortly afterward our friends at Generosity.org joined the project.
Together they raised $38,000 and recently completed a project that pipes clean drinking water into the town. When CNN learned of the project it did a big feature on Lajeunesse. Here is the video.

Great work by Lajeunesse and Generosity.org. We hope CNN's coverage will prompt more people to take action in the fight against water scarcity.
Even if you don't yet have the time or resources to fund your own clean water well for those in need, you can still help fight water scarcity by visiting the Care To Click Water page, where you can donate a free click, Tweet or Facebook post. Those actions prompt our donations to organizations like Generosity.org that help bring clean water wells to people in need.
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