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Water Security: Highlights from the World Water Week conference to provide clean water solutions

The World Water Week symposium recently concluded in Stockholm, Sweden after seven days of discussing water security solutions, sanitation, water purification and new water studies.

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Safe Water: Fantasy football league aims to raise money for clean water and sanitation

According to this article from MLB.com, Wainwright has worked through Water Missions International before to help bring access to sustainable clean, safe water to 6,000 people in Uganda.

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Clean Water Action: Generosity Water fighting dirty water

Dirty water is one of the dealiest problems facing developing nations, making the clean water action being taken by a group called Generosity Water, worth noting.

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Dangers of Fracking: Wastewater from process creates contaminated water

Add one more item to the potential dangers of fracking. One study has found that wastewater created by the process remains contaminated even after being processed by water treatment plants.

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Clean Water Services: MadiDrop can bring clean water to developing countries

A group from the University of Virginia has created a product that could bring clean water services to developing countries and potentially provide a boost to the local economy.

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Clean Water: Group climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa to promote safe drinking water

After learning of the water crisis in Africa, a group of celebrities decided to draw attention to a global lack of clean water by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.

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Clean Water: LifeStraw can create safe drinking water for people lacking access

A cool product called LifeStraw that creates safe drinking water is perfect for people who find themselves in need of clean water but are, for any reason (such as a natural disaster) without access.

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Clean water: In Liberia, water and sanitation still a work in progress

Clean water and sanitation are such a big problem in Africa that Liberia water issues alone led to more than 3,000 deaths this year.

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Clean drinking water: San Diego water to get desalination plant

There is about to be a boost to the San Diego water supply now that the city is going ahead with a plan to turn Pacific ocean water into clean drinking water, but the desalination plant is not without controversy.

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Purify water: The Coca-Cola Company may be clean drinking water answer

Could the Coca-Cola Company play a major role in the attempt purify water and bring clean drinking water to areas in need? If a new partnership succeeds, it certainly might.

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