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Bottled Water Scarcity: Should California corps stop bottling water?

The water scarcity problem in California has never been more dire, so does it make sense to bottle some of the little water the state has remaining and sell it elsewhere?

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Pure Water: Portland brewers to brew beer using toilet water

Would you brew beer using toilet water? Perhaps more importantly, would you drink beer brewed with treated waste water?

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Lajeunesse Fights Water Scarcity: Janitor and cab driver brings clean water to his native Haitian village

If you think the world's problems are too big for you to make a difference, then it's time to see how Josue Lajeunesse fights water scarcity.

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Air HES: One small project could fight water scarcity while creating green energy

Solving water scarcity and protecting the environmental are two of the important challenges facing our world right now, so any project that aids one of those causes is worth consideration.

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Colorado 54: Second Mile Water organizing Colorado hikers to raise money for clean water solutions in Nicaragua

On the morning of August 2nd, hikers will lace up their boots and head for the trailheads of Colorado’s most epic peaks. The Colorado 54 will engage participants in an amazing day of climbing while raising funds to bring permanent clean water solutions to more than 1,000 families in Nicaragua.

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Water Scarcity: WarkaWater, PHOG Water pulling water out of thin air

Two different groups believe they have discovered a new way to combat water scarcity – though both of the ideas are quite similar, using a mesh net to capture airborne water particles.

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Waino's World: Adam Wainwright's fantasy football challenge to get bigger and better

Waino's World, like the universe in which it resides, is expanding - which is great news for fantasy football fans and even better news for those lacking food, water or shelter.

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Human Water Tank: A man in Africa used his body to contain and transport clean water

The consumption of contaminated water can lead to a host of lethal illnesses, with children being the most susceptible. So when clean water was available, it was critical to keep as much as possible.

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Generosity Water's Care Page will raise money to create clean water wells

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Care To Click and Generosity Water are proud to announce an innovative internet-based fundraising partnership that will raise money to fund clean water wells across the world.

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Clean Water Action: PackH20 is a simple, effective solution for clean water transportation

Water transportation is a major problem for millions of people, which is why the PackH2O may be a pretty simple way to help get clean water to people who need it – and for those wanting to take clean water action to make an impact.

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