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What Women Don't Know Could Hurt Them

The rise in popularity of organic produce has been exponential in recent years. When you visit your local grocery store, it won’t come as a surprise to see a vast selection of goods that appeal to almost any buyer. Take eggs for example. Price-sensitive customers can purchase regular eggs while selective customers can find organic, cage-free, and antibiotic-free eggs. Whatever product you are looking for, whether milk or laundry detergent, a range of low-price to higher-cost options exist to cater to every need. However, an area that often gets overlooked is feminine care.

Whether people find it difficult to discuss this area or as a result of a simple lack of knowledge, feminine care is a category that is often overlooked when it comes to bodily health. Many women don’t know that tampons frequently contain dyes, toxins, and even synthetic additives. Yet, over the course of decades, these ingredients are used without careful consideration to what cumulative health effects may manifest.

Increasingly, companies sensitive to the burgeoning demand for organic feminine care products have cropped up. For example, Lola tampons is daring to take on the big name brands with organic tampons that have a few simple ingredients. The tampons, both applicator and non-applicator, are 100% organic and contain no latex, pesticides, GMO, fragrances or formaldehyde.

Like many other popular start-up companies, Lola prioritizes consumer experiences and delivers its products via subscription service to your door. They even have a first period kit to help girls get started with the knowledge and products needed to feel more comfortable.

The idea behind brands like Lola is to help improve your long-term health, and they’re not the only company to pay heed to your health. A company that rewards individuals who are health conscious is Health IQ. They take a different tack by providing active people lower life insurance costs.

Unlike many life insurance companies who penalize individuals for poorer health habits, such as eating fast food or not working out, Health IQ flips the insurance paradigm upside down and charges lower rates to those who do workout and choose a healthy diet.

The reality is while the big brands will spend heavily on marketing campaigns that feature on TV, online, and even in postal mailing campaigns, and these familiar names are often the most trusted. But when you look under the hood, and investigate whether the big-name brands are best for you, the uncomfortable truth sometimes is that the perpetual quest for corporate profits drives decisions to cut costs, and that can translate into lower quality from time to time.

In the case of tampons, lower quality may translate to synthetic ingredients that may have long term negative health effects. In the case of health insurance, lower quality may translate to treating customers less favorably and penalizing them for factors outside their control. For example, a standard insurance company may penalize a customer for diseases suffered by their parents, which are outside the control of the individual.

As a consumer, you must be ever more discerning in the products you buy because what you don’t know can hurt you. Maybe synthetic tampons aren’t long-term harmful but what if they are? And what if organic tampons are better for you? Or as a health conscious individual, maybe it’s best to go hunting not just for regular life insurance options but for ones that reward you for your health conscious habits.

Similarly, across almost every product in every aisle of every grocery store, you can often uncover a selection that best suits your needs by doing a little extra homework. The bottom line is a little extra knowledge can be powerful but equally it requires you to do a little extra research before making a purchase.

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