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Surgical Mask Prom: Students unite to help classmate with testicular cancer enjoy his prom

prom surgical mask
Surgical masks aren't common accessories for tuxedos and dresses, but they were ultra chic at a prom in Virginia for testicular cancer sufferer Jared Hill and his prom party.
Hill was diagnosed with testicular cancer in September of 2013. He went through chemotherapy but was still susceptible to infection in May – which is when his prom was scheduled. Doctors told Hill that he'd have to wear a surgical mask if he wanted to attend.
Not wanting his girlfriend to miss her senior prom, Hill decided to do it. Their friends – more than a dozen of them – decided Hill wouldn't have to stand alone. That's why 17 people showed up to the Osbourn Park High School prom wearing surgical masks.
When Washington D.C.'s Fox 5 heard about the way the teenagers supported their cancer-stricken friend, they did a story. The video is below. It's always amazing to see the lengths kids will go to support their friends.

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