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Mrs. Claus getting mammogram before starting Christmas festivities

mrs claus mammogram boca raton regional hospitalBOCA RATON, Fla. – Health is important to Santa Claus and his family which is why, even during the busiest time of the year at the North Pole, Mrs. Claus is getting a mammogram.
Santa's wife will actually travel to Boca Raton on Tuesday to undergo a mammogram in Boca Raton Regional Hospital's SensorySuite.
Mrs. Claus couldn't immediately be reached for comment, but hospital spokesperson Brandon Bielich told Care To Click that the hospital invited Mrs. Claus to have her mammogram on Tuesday because, "We figure it's a fun way in the holiday season to tell people that mammograms are important, and even Mrs. Claus is getting hers."
According to the hospital's media release, The Christine E. Lynn Women’s Health & Wellness Institute at Boca Regional is the first in Florida to offer the SensorySuite by GE Healthcare, an interactive mammography experience designed to stimulate the senses of sight, smell and hearing with three unique environmental ambiances.
The SensorySuite is designed to make the mammogram experience more pleasant for women. Word is that Mrs. Claus plans to choose the beach theme – appropriate considering Boca Raton Regional Hospital is less than five miles from the Atlantic ocean.
Women who have their mammograms in the SensorySuite can also choose a garden theme or a waterfall motif.
Here's a video showcasing the SensorySuite:

For those worried about Mrs. Claus' mammogram interfering with her Christmas activities, the SensorySuite offers same-day results, allowing her to get back to the North Pole for final Christmas preparations.
Care To Click salutes Boca Raton Regional Hospital's efforts to remind women in this busy time of year about the importance of breast health. We hope this event prompts some women who might not normally undergo mammograms to give the SensorySuite a chance. It will certainly save lives.
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