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Dogs Love Your Melon: Post dog photos to help child with cancer

love your melon dog capWhen can putting dogs in caps help a cancer victim? When the folks at Love Your Melon get involved.
Frequent readers of the Care To Click cancer blog will remember that we highlighted the Love Your Melon crew about a year ago. The idea behind the organization founded by Brian Keller and Zachary Quinn is simple: buy one of their Love Your Melon caps and they will donate a cap to a child battling cancer.
Love Your Melon Dog2 CapsLove Your Melon has continued to grow over the past 12 months. Now, a project that we think pet owners will like has caught our attention.
In an effort to make life a little better for a Phoenix boy named Anthony Lyons who is battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Love Your Melon started a new contest. Anthony apparently loves dogs and his face lights up when one comes to visit him in the hospital. When dogs aren't present, he enjoys looking at pictures of them.
The Love Your Melon crew is asking people to take pictures of their dogs wearing a Love Your Melon cap and post them on Anthony's Facebook event page (Photo Doggies For Anthony) and on the Love Your Melon Facebook page. As you can see from the pictures on this page, some of the results have been adorable.
Love Your Melon anthony's doggiesA quick check of Anthony's page shows thousands of dog photos. Most dogs aren't wearing Love Your Melon caps, so even if you don't have a cap it's still perfectly acceptable (and encouraged) to post a cute photo of your dog. But we do suggest helping a child battling cancer by ordering a Love Your Melon cap. There's no rule against posting another photo of your dog wearing the cap once it arrives.
Once again Care To Click salutes Love Your Melon for trying to bring a little sunshine to the life of a child battling cancer. If you would like to help make an impact on cancer research, be sure to visit the Care To Click Cancer page, where you can donate a free click, tweet or Facebook post. Those actions prompt our donations to organizations looking for a cure for cancer.
And as a reminder to all of you pet lovers, the donated clicks, tweets and Facebook posts on the Care To Click Pets page prompt our donations to organizations helping rescue pets.
At CareToClick.com, your small actions, including comparing prices and saving money using our online shopping mall, prompt our donations to organizations working to improve the lives of humans and pets.
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