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Simple prevention: Aspirin and coffee can help prevent cancer

can coffee and aspirin prevent cancerIn recent weeks studies have been published detailing how two items found in most people's kitchen cupboard – aspirin and coffee – may help prevent cancer.
At the annual meeting of the American Association of Cancer Research, Harvard researchers presented their work indicating that a regimen of aspirin at least three times per week can help prevent gastrointestinal cancers.
Not long afterward came a study out of Sweden linking coffee drinking to the prevention of the recurrence of cancer in breast cancer survivors.
Both of these studies obviously present encouraging news, but how much can they be trusted?  This article from Forbes does a pretty succinct job of analyzing the studies, and if you have a few minutes it's worth the read.
For those who don't have the time to read the full article the author, Arlene Weintraub, notes that other aspirin studies have found potential preventative effects on various cancers. Still, most of these studies have some flaws in their methodologies.
As for the coffee study, scientists seem to believe that caffeine stunts the growth of cancer cells, but they don't know how. And while drinking coffee might have some positive effects, drinking lots of coffee with cream and sugar will likely have detrimental effects as well.
Still, it's nice to see that two common products - aspirin and coffee – have a growing list of positive health benefits. These studies will certainly prompt further studies into the positive impacts coffee and aspirin can have on the body. Coffee drinkers, have another cup.
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