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What Women Don't Know Could Hurt Them

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The Cancer Moonshot - Not such a moonshot after all!

Thanks to The Cancer Moonshot, the goal of curing cancer may not be as far away as many think.

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It's Boob-tober: why not go 3D this year?

Time to go check 'em. It's a nuisance and a little uncomfortable, but we all understand it's value to ourselves and our family. If you've never done it before, consider a 3D scan (or breast tomosynthesis). Studies suggest 3D mammography images are better at detecting invasive cancers than typical 2D images.

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Triple Crown: American Pharaoh win prompts jockey's donation to fight cancer

Cancer research wins big with American Pharaoh Triple Crown triumph.

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Simple prevention: Aspirin and coffee can help prevent cancer

In recent weeks studies have been published detailing how two items found in most people's kitchen cupboard – aspirin and coffee – may help prevent cancer.

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Bone Marrow Journey: Women with aplastic anemia traveling to all 50 states registering potential marrow donors

BOCA RATON, Fla. – When, in 2010, doctors told Sam Kimura she had six months to live she had no idea that the diagnoses would eventually lead to her current bone marrow journey, which has her traveling to all 50 states to register potential bone marrow donors.

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Dogs Love Your Melon: Post dog photos to help child with cancer

When can putting dogs in caps help a cancer victim? When the folks at Love Your Melon get involved.

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Mrs. Claus getting mammogram before starting Christmas festivities

BOCA RATON – Health is important to Santa Claus and his family which is why, even during the busiest time of the year at the North Pole, Mrs. Claus is getting a mammogram.

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Team Niko: Child with Fanconi anemia joins FAU football team

Six months ago the Florida Atlantic football team became part of Team Niko. This past weekend, Niko became a part of the FAU football team.

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Surgical Mask Prom: Students unite to help classmate with testicular cancer enjoy his prom

Surgical masks aren't common accessories for tuxedos and dresses, but they were ultra chic at a prom in Virginia for testicular cancer sufferer Jared Hill and his prom party.

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