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Hunger: School lunch program helps, but teachers still see a hungry girl or boy way to often

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Photo courtesy No Kid Hungry
Hunger continues to be a problem among American students, as evidenced by a recent study commissioned by No Kid Hungry which found that 75 percent of teachers see a hungry girl or boy in school prior to the student's ability to eat a school lunch.
The report, entitled Too Hungry To Learn, included eye-opening statistics about the hunger problem facing some American school children.
According to the survey, 87 percent of principals see an underfed girl or boy in their school each week. And while many of these children participate in the school lunch program, most are missing out on breakfast – which 90 percent of the educators surveyed said was critical for academic achievement.
How does hunger affect these school children? Teachers say hungry children have trouble concentrating, lack energy, have discipline problems and simply have trouble learning.
Educators are doing what they can to help. The survey found that the average teacher spends $37 dollars a month on food for their students.
And while 21 million students participate in the school lunch program, only about half that number take advantage of the breakfast program, leaving them to deal with hunger for the first half of the school day.
No Kid Hungry aims to ensure that children are properly nourished before attempting to learn. Noting that a major reason a hungry girl or boy doesn't partake in the school breakfast program is that many don't get to school early enough to eat, then get to class on time, No Kid Hungry's Breakfast in the Classroom program provides a nutritious meal to hungry children right there in the classroom.
Early statistics seem to indicate the program is making a difference.
To learn more about hunger and America's school children, check out the report.
Eliminating hunger among children in school is also a goal of Care To Click. You can help our efforts by visiting the Care To Click Hunger page and donating a free click or printing useful coupons. At CareToClick.com, your small actions prompt our donations to organizations that help feed hungry children.
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