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Fighting Hunger: Michel Lescanne, creator of Plumpy'Nut nutritional supplement, finalist for prestigious European Inventor Award

plumpy'nut lescanneIt appears as though we are not the only ones who appreciate the value of a good Plumpy'Nut bar.
The European Patent Office believes the high-nutrient food is making a valuable impact on food scarcity, which is why the creator of Plumpy-nut, Michel Lescanne, is one of the finalists for the 2015 European Inventor Award.
We first brought Plumpy'Nut to the attention of the Care To Click community a couple years back in this blog. In short, it's a nutritional paste comprised of peanuts, powdered milk, vegetable fat and vitamins that brings a high level of calories and nutrients to malnourished children.
According to the EPO's web site:
The life-saving food supplement, marketed under the brand name “Plumpy’Nut”, is changing the way humanitarian groups such as UNICEF and the World Health Organization treat starving children. The brainchild of French food processing engineer Michel Lescanne, the nutritional supplement has reduced the mortality rate of children in famine-stricken areas drastically. Lescanne has been instrumental in making Plumpy’Nut an important source for nutritional rehabilitation and created the French company Nutriset, which is dedicated to tackling malnutrition issues around the world.
Lescanne is nominated in the category of Small to Medium Enterprises. The award winners will be announced on June 11 at a ceremony in Paris.
The EPO website explains the mission behind the awards:
Launched by the EPO in 2006, the award gives inventors the recognition they deserve. And, like every competition, it acts as an incentive for other potential winners. It helps to protect ideas and encourage innovation.
Since 2005, about 25 million people have received Plumpy'Nut or the Nutriset product for infants, Enov'.
We're rooting for Lescanne. His product is a big leap toward the goal of ending world hunger. Wouldn't it be nice if the exposure he gains from winning the award prompts another company to create a product that can help end food scarcity?
You may not be an inventor, but you can do your part everyday to end food scarcity and fight hunger by visiting the Care To Click Hunger page and donating a free click, tweet and Facebook post. You can even compare prices and save money on millions of items from major retailers at the Care To Click Shopping Mall, with every purchase prompting a Care To Click donation to organizations that fight hunger.
At CareToClick.com, your small actions can make a big impact on the lives of those in need.
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